Eastman Invitational Tournament

1. Time will be kept by the field umpire.
2. Coin flip will determine "Home" team.
3. The home team will keep the official scorebook (If official scorekeeper is not available)

4. First and Second place teams in each pool, after pool play, will advance to the Championship Round.  

5. In pool games no new inning will be started after 1 hr. & 20 minutes have been played unless game is tied. If game is tied see Rule 6 below. Innings already in progress at the 1 hr. & 20 minute mark will be completed (rule 7a).

6. If game is tied after 1 hr. & 20 minutes (80 minutes) of play, 1 inning using the international tiebreaker rule will be played. If game still ends in a tie each team will get credit for a tie.

7. All pool games will be stopped after 1 hr & 20 minutes, provided the inning is complete (see 7a), and winner will be declared as follows:
·  - Team ahead on the scoreboard at that time will be declared the winner. 
·  - All runs scored to that point count in the final score. 
·  - If score is tied, after 1 inning of tiebreaker, both teams are awarded a tie.

7a. A complete game will be called:

8. Mercy rule will apply after:
·  - 4 innings of play if one team is 10 or more runs ahead.
9. Tie breaker rules to determine pool standing after pool play is completed:

  • - Won/lost/Tie record in pool play tracked by accumulating points (2 for each win and 1 for each tie).

  • - Head to head results.

  • - Runs scored against your team in pool play.

  • - Runs scored in pool play.

  • - Won/lost/tie record against seeded teams.

  • - Coin flip if above doesn’t determine standing.

  • In case of three or more teams, once one team is eliminated from the tiebreaker, the rules begin again with the remaining teams starting with head to head.



    1.  Sixteen (16) teams will advance to the championship round and be seeded #1 to #16 using tie breaker rules.
    2.  1st and 2nd Place teams from each pool will advance. Pool winners will receive the top seedings (1-8), the second place teams the lower seedings(9-16).
    3.  At large teams will be utilized if less than 8 pools exist and will receive the lowest seedings by virtue of not finishing 1st or 2nd in pool play
    4.  Winners of each pool will be determined using the following criteria:

    5. The selection of the at large teams will follow the following criteria (only used in years with less than 8 pools):


    1.  Team with the highest seeding takes the 3rd base dugout and will be the home team.
    2.  Home team will be responsible for the official scorebook (If offical scorer is not provided)
    3.  All games in Championship Round Play will follow the same rules as in pool play, including the 80 minute time limit.
    4.  Teams not able to finish the championship brackets will forfeit scholarship money.